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This is a 14 foot crabbing boat that the floor and stringers were completely rotted. We started by completely removing everything down to the hull. We then cut down the fiberglass from the old stringers to install new stringers. The stringers were glued in with H/D adhesive then completely sealed in fiberglass. The new floor was sealed with fiberglass on the bottom then glued to the stringers with H/D adhesive. Stainless steel screws were used to fasten the wood to the stringers. The floor was then re attached to the inside hull with H/D webbing and fiberglass epoxy. The floor was then completely covered with H/D webbing and fiberglass epoxy to seal everything from future water damage. Finally we painted the floor with anti skid epoxy paint to complete the job.

DETAILING! You are looking at a step by step floor repair on a 1994 Rinker 190. The repair starts by removing all the old rotten wood from the floor of the boat. The next step is preparing the hull for new wood, then installing the new wood and glassing. The next step is installing new carpet, then reinstalling the seats. This should give you some idea how a floor is replaced professionally.

DETAILING! You are looking at a 1994 Chris Craft that we detailed. Hull and top of boat received a three stage buff and the inside of the boat was cleaned and detailed. You clearly see that the vinyl was very dirty and required special treatment.

The pictures shown below are before and after pictures of a fiberglass boat repair.

The pictures shown here was for a repair to a deck of a 23' Chaparral boat.

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